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“Liminal space” is defined as a place that is in between other places. Somewhere that you move through, rather than a destination in and of itself. Think of an airport, or a staircase. They are not the place you are traveling to, but a place you must travel through to get to where you’re going. A waiting room. A long hallway. An elevator. These are all liminal spaces, and each hold their own power.

Threshold - Autumn is an interactive storytelling game about navigating a space that is not your own. The game is written with a branching design that allows the player to choose their story, and features over 25 different paths to an ending. Downloads include a print-friendly version (we highly recommend printing on both sides), as well as a text only version. All versions include safety tools and instructions on how to play, as well as acknowledgements and credits. 

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GenreInteractive Fiction, Role Playing
Tagscyoa, Multiple Endings, solo, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Decided to pick up this game on a whim when I saw your tweet about it, and am glad I did. I decided to give it my first playthrough this morning, and it (plus nice music and candle as suggested) really put me in a relaxed frame of mind that made my writing just flow.

My time in the space was peaceful, reminding me of times long past, allowing me to put those memories to words in a new creative way. Several sights, smells, and sounds I experienced years ago returned anew, and it was so nice to have them return to me. There were moments where a touch of unease, fear, and uncertainty would creep up, but my choices felt organic and I wasn’t concerned. Perhaps another time I’ll make the other choices and see what places they take me to.

As a writer, I sometimes feel like I overthink things far too much, and I’m grateful your game gave me prompts to get out of my usual frame of mind. It was also a very meditative experience, I think. As it so happens, today is my mother’s birthday, and she passed away 10 years ago. I always like to commit myself to a creative project when this day comes about, to see what results, and I hope you know that your game was able to facilitate something that I’m proud of and that was able to bring me closer to memories and feelings I don’t always give myself room to consider.

Thank you for creating this. It was truly a lovely experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this wonderful comment. I'm so incredibly glad that the game was able to connect you with such a good and creative experience, honored to have been a part of  such an important day, and that you've come away with something that you're proud of. 

Thank you for taking the time to play. There are more coming in this series, so I hope to have you back! 

I'm longing for the spaces this game walked me through and regretting one I skipped past. A beautiful way to take a walk. 


Oh, gosh! Thank you so much for your kind words; I'm so glad you enjoyed the game. Just remember that you can always take another walk...